Free Trial VPN In China 免費中國VPN

Flyvpn offers free trial vpn account everyday.As we all know China is taking internet limit policy.So you cant open Facebook,twitter,YouTube and other websites.You have to use vpn or proxy to break great firewall builded by China government.You can test more than 13 countries severs with free trial account.There is Korea VPN,US VPN,Japan VPN,Germany VPN,UK VPN...etc.
Flyvpn is planning to have a promotion to congratulation Christmas day.New customers can get 13 countries severs with only $8 per month. PPTP,L2TP and OpenVpn are available.
if Previous customers would like to buy again.If you bought one month.You will get 45 days membership with $10.The longer the membership you purchased, the more favorable price you can get.

FLYVPN提供免費試用帳號每天。我們都知道中國是以互聯網的限制政策。所以你可以打開臉譜網,推特,YouTube和其他網站。你必須使用VPN防火牆或代理打破由中國政府建造的。你可以測試超過13個國家斷絕與免費試用帳戶有韓國。美國,日本,德國,英國等 VPN……

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